/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/000_Dobova-Camp.jpg Photo of the camp at night after being emptied. People would be bussed in, registered and then usually bussed on towards Austria after a few hours. 182 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/000_Inside-Main-Tent.jpg This is the main tent where people had to wait after being registered. Some tried to sleep, they had old stinky wool blankets to insulate them against on the cold wood floor. It snowed several times already in November. 291 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/001_Dobova-Camp.jpg Many of these photos are bad quality. We all didn't really feel like taking pictures did occasionally. The camp did sometimes have the feeling of a prison camp even though technically the refugees could leave by asking for asylum in Slovenia, I don't think many of them were aware of this. 201 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/002_Dobova-Camp.jpg Early morning outside the Medical tent. 117 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/03_Nina-and-Jonathan-sweeping.jpg Sweeping up. 119 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/04_Nina-and-Jonathan-sweeping.jpg 99 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/18_Savis.jpg Brother of Sanaz... playing the part of the crazy doctor. :) 196 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/21_Jonathan-Juggling.jpg I don't think it is "Juggling" if there are only 2. Sanaz had bought 160 kg (350 lbs) of Mandarin orange to give away to the refugees. Many people just had weakened immune systems from fatigue and being crammed into overcrowded buses, trains and tents made it easy for people to catch colds. 160 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/24_Sanaz-and-Savis.jpg Brother and sister. 218 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/25_Sanaz-and-Savis.jpg 127 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/achmad-saviz-götz.jpg Achmed was also working at the camp, but not with us. Götz was helping out in the first aid tent with us, he often put on a red clown nose to cheer up kids. 120 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/baby-volunteers.jpg 124 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/baby.jpg 106 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/group0.jpg Group photo in the Caritas tent. 118 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/group1.jpg Group photo in the Caritas tent. 128 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/group2.jpg Group photo with people from all organizations: The people in the yellow are from "Slovenska filantropija", the blue is "UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency", the Red Cross is head-to-toe in red and the red vests is Caritas. 100 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/götz-saviz.jpg Götz as the clown with Savis as refugee bus arrives. 134 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/nina-jonathan.jpg Searching for dry, clean clothes for children that came into the medical tent. Sometimes the parents were just too disoriented and exhausted to see what was going on with their kids. I appreciated the opportunity to just be there, to let people know they weren't alone, make them a cup of hot tea and maybe a balloon for the kids. 141 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/sanaz-baby.jpg Sanaz always took time to connect with those who came in seeking medical help. Even when it was hectic, she remembered to treat them as people, not just a list of symptoms. 130 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/sanaz-götz.jpg 142 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/sanaz-woman-child.jpg 191 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/saviz-dog2.jpg Saviz with a dog outside the MC Hostel where we were staying. 185 KB  
/pics/2015/2015-11-29_Dobova-Slovenia-Volunteer/saviz-foot.jpg Saviz helping out a man who had walked way too long with bad shoes. Like his sister, Saviz was 100% in with his whole heart, the two were quite inspiring. 119 KB