/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/003_Saranda-Nina.jpg After 1 week in Corfu, Greece, Nina and I took a Hydrofoil to Albania (Shqipëria in Albanian). We arrived in Sarandë in the evening and had a great meal at this restaurant on the water. Was the first and last time we found baked eggplant in Albania. 78 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/004_Furgon To Dhermi.jpg We caught this mini-bus to Dhërmi, then walked a couple kilometers down to the beach at the north end. 109 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/009_Dhermi Street work.jpg Contrasts... beautiful clear water and beaches, but heavily under construction. 102 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/010_Ice Cream Status Scandal.jpg 152 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/017_Llogara National Park-Flower.jpg We spent a night in the national park and took a short hike. 57 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/019_Llogara National Park-Nina.jpg 204 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/023_Llogara National Park-Jonathan Nina.jpg 132 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/035_Llogara National Park-Caterpillar.jpg 67 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/038_Llogara National Park-Sheep Road.jpg 162 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/047_Bus to Berat.jpg 73 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/050_Bus to Berat.jpg 103 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/056_Berat-House.jpg Historical town of Berat - a UNESCO world heritage site. 145 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/062_Berat-Nina.jpg 202 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/065_Berat-alley.jpg 136 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/069_Berat-Shadow.jpg 140 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/072_Berat-Olives.jpg View from the castle. 138 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/075_Berat-Castle.jpg 125 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/078_Berat-Mountains.jpg 142 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/081_Berat-Mountains.jpg 103 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/085_Berat-Nina.jpg 123 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/086_Tirana-Arrows.jpg Arrival in the capital of Albania - Tiranë. We had met a lawyer on the bus that gave us a ride to our hotel from the bus stop. 114 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/092_Tirana-Kids Sunset.jpg 94 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/099_Tirana-Pyramid.jpg The local kids walk all the way up and slide down. We only went about 1/3 of the way - was a bit slippery white tiles and lots of broken glass on parts. 121 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/102_Tirana-Nina Lenin.jpg Found this depot of old communist statues near our hotel. 113 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/105_Tirana-Nina Skanderbeg.jpg City center. 66 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/109_Tirana-Boys.jpg 110 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/111_Tirana-Nina Sun.jpg 73 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/114_Tirana-Buildings.jpg 105 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/116_Tirana-Building.jpg 98 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/120_Tirana-Radio bar.jpg Fancy bar we went to to try to meet other travelers. Didn't work out, but was nice bar. 118 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/124_Tirana-City.jpg 125 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/125_Tirana-Fruit stand.jpg 135 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/128_Tirana-Google.jpg 116 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/132_Tirana-Horse.jpg Horse + duster = Rainbow Unicorn! 109 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/142_Tirana-Tourist Trap.jpg There were huge holes in the sidewalks everywhere... some deep enough to fall completely into. We started calling these “Tourist Traps”. 113 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/143_Tirana-Graffiti.jpg 184 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/151_Tirana-Haircut.jpg 117 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/153_Tirana Nina Train.jpg We took the train from Tirana to Durres for fun. Quite cheap (half a euro) and unique experience :-) 90 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/156_Tirana Train Graffiti.jpg 99 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/161_Train to Durres.jpg 61 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/165_Conductor.jpg 57 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-23_Albania/168_Durres water.jpg 123 KB