/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/003_Italy-Bologna-Nina.jpg Because of a rockslide on the train tracks down to Italy, we had to take a large detour including a bus and several extra trains. Ended up going through Bologna unexpectedly and took a walk in the park. 62 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/005_Italy-Ancona-Ferry to Greece.jpg After couch surfing in Ancona, we had a nice walk through the city and caught our overnight ferry to Igoumenitsa, Greece. From Igoumenitsa, we had a short ferry to Corfu. 74 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/008_Ferry to Greece-Jonathan.jpg 81 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/010_Corfu-Restaurant.jpg From Kerkyra port, Corfu, we took the Green line bus towards Agios Stefanos and walked the last 1 km to Arillas. We rented a scooter one day and found a restaurant with the most amazing view ever. 74 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/014_Islands.jpg View from our table. 107 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/017_Corfu-Restaurant.jpg 91 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/021_Corfu-Restaurant-salad.jpg Particularly nice Salad. 99 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/023_Double Bay.jpg Took a hike down to this double bay (Porto Timoni) -- we were the only people there. 180 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/029_Sam-Nora.jpg Friends. 101 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/032_Nora-Sam-Nina.jpg 148 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/033_Nora-Nina.jpg 100 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/037_Sam Nina Tamira Mark.jpg Friends. 150 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/039_Nina Sam Sunset.jpg 86 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/040_Sunset.jpg 102 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/042_Drinks last night.jpg 140 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/044_Kerkyra.jpg 106 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/048_Kerkyra.jpg 86 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/049_Kerkyra.jpg 63 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/050_Kerkyra.jpg 120 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/053_Kerkyra stencil.jpg 84 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/054_Kerkyra.jpg 73 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/055_Kerkyra.jpg 76 KB  
/pics/2012/2012-06-16_Corfu_Greece/057_Kerkyra.jpg 67 KB