/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/000_Milano Train Station1.jpg Changing trains in Milano. 92 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/000_Milano Tram.jpg I recognized these trams immediately -- the same orange cars now operate on the F-Market line in San Francisco! 107 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/001_Venice Gondola Family.jpg One of my favorite photos from Venice of a man and two women cruising down a canal. 80 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/002_Venice Jonathan.jpg Me :-) 95 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/004_Venice Canal.jpg Its a cliché, but the light of this city was just magical - what a perfect place to learn more about photography! 82 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/007_Venice.jpg 96 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/012_Venice Virgin.jpg 113 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/013_Venice Fruit Boat mother and kiid.jpg 91 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/015_Venice Roof Gardens.jpg 102 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/020_Venice.jpg 138 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/024_Venice.jpg 148 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/026_Venice Women at cafe.jpg 131 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/030_Venice Nina Eyes.jpg 47 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/031_Venice Jonathan.jpg 61 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/035_Venice Rialto Bridge.jpg 83 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/036_Venice Rialto Bridge.jpg 92 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/038_Venice.jpg 101 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/039_Venice Gondola.jpg 118 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/042_Venice Clothes Canal.jpg 122 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/048_Venice.jpg 110 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/053_Venice.jpg 95 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/054_Venice Glowing Alley.jpg 80 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/058_Venice Bar.jpg 98 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/060_Venice.jpg 91 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/065_Venice Door.jpg 140 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/068_Venice.jpg 99 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/069_Venice Nina by the water.jpg 112 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/074_Venice Spritz Jonathan Nina.jpg 87 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/076_Venice Santa Maria della Salute.jpg 72 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/077_Venice Pidgens in Love.jpg 93 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/083_Venice Nina.jpg 111 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/088_Venice Red Dress.jpg Oops... thats not Nina... 73 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/091_Venice Family Gondola.jpg 102 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/096_Venice Bridge Sunset.jpg 83 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/097_Venice Man and Girl reading.jpg 131 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/104_Venice Piazza San Marco.jpg 91 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/113_Verona Taxi driver.jpg A Taxi Driver at the train station. 69 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/114_Verona Couch Surfing.jpg We couch-surfed with Maria and Giuseppe in Verona. 68 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/116_Verona Sculpture.jpg 125 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/117_Verona Shadow.jpg 64 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/127_Verona Romanic Locks.jpg Locks for lovers. 61 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/133_Verona.jpg 134 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/135_Verona Stone Lizard.jpg 95 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/141_Verona.jpg 84 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/146_Verona Adventure Painter.jpg 82 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/147_Verona Market.jpg 164 KB  
/pics/2009/2009-09-21_Italy Venice and Verona/160_Verona-Nina-and-JC.jpg 160 KB