/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/01_Nina and Alex.jpg We met Alex on the Amtrak Train and had a snowball fight in Chicago. 95 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/02_Jonathan and Nina.jpg 82 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/03_Downtown Chicago.jpg Doesn't look real, does it? 93 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/05_Amtrak.jpg 59 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/07_Amtrak Illinois.jpg 42 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/09_Amtrak Idaho.jpg 43 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/10_Amtrak Idaho.jpg 55 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco/11_Amtrak Ruby Valley.jpg 59 KB