/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/01_Halifax Adams Sauna.jpg Our first night couch-surfing in Halifax Canada our great host invited us to share a crowded sauna under the moonlit night. 91 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/02_Halifax Nina in Adams house.jpg 58 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/04_Fall River Nina Hitchhike.jpg Took for ever to get a ride. Finally after dark, a mother and daughter picked us up and bought us a hotel room for the night! Such random acts of generosity kept us going despite the cold! 61 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/05_Trucker.jpg One of several friendly truck drivers that helped us get across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 70 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/06_Camping at Boston Pizza.jpg were give permission to camp in this lot in front of Boston Pizza. Friendly, but fearful people. 48 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/07_Campbellton Hitchhike.jpg 77 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/09_Quebec Chateau Frontenac.jpg 49 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/10_Quebec.jpg 50 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/11_Quebec.jpg 32 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/12_Quebec Pacman Pedestrian.jpg 62 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/13_Quebec Reclaim the Streets.jpg 82 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/15_Quebec.jpg 50 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/17_Quebec.jpg 15 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/18_Quebec.jpg 15 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/23_Quebec.jpg 48 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/26_Quebec Old Town.jpg 73 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/27_Quebec Old Town.jpg 91 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/28_Quebec Ice Skating.jpg My first time ice skating outdoors like this! 53 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/29_Montreal.jpg 92 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/33_Montreal.jpg 88 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/34_Mont Royal Nina and Pierre.jpg A friend of Nina's from her Mongolian horseback adventure. 70 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/36_Mont Royal Nina and Jonathan.jpg 90 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/37_Mont Royal.jpg 91 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/38_Montreal Downtown.jpg 77 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/40_Montreal Bakery.jpg 91 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/49_Montreal Squirrel.jpg He ran all over, but could not find a place to hide his bread roll. 88 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/51_Montreal 80s Party.jpg Our second night in Montreal we ended up at this crazy party with our awesome hosts! 66 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/51_Montreal Tibo and Mathieu.jpg Our hosts in Montreal, Canada -- old friends form France and travels around the world. 66 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/54_Montreal Tibo, Mathieu and Julie.jpg The great household we surfed for our first 8 days in Montreal. 58 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/59_Montreal Julie and Twelve.jpg The cult of 12. 61 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/65_Montreal Hutchinson St.jpg A photo from our 3-week sublet near Mont Royal. 91 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-12-03_Canada/72_Montreal Party.jpg Our last night we had a party and got to invite our new friends from Montreal. 49 KB