/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/02_Smyril Line Ship.jpg Our ferry stopped in the Faeroe Islands for the first half of the day and we had a chance to explore much of the capitol. 67 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/03_Lighthouse.jpg 59 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/05_At Sea.jpg 48 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/07_At Sea.jpg 53 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/09_Oil Rigs.jpg 63 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/14_Streets.jpg 61 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/15_Grass-covered roof houses.jpg 74 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/16_church.jpg 52 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/17_Boats.jpg 59 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/18_Nostre Damus Graffiti.jpg 70 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/19_Swan.jpg 73 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/21_Sunrise.jpg 23 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/24_Elf House.jpg 78 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/27_Island Pyramid.jpg 47 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/31_Jonathan and Nina.jpg 46 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/35_Nina.jpg 61 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/36_Jonathan.jpg 68 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/42_Islands.jpg 32 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/46_Islands.jpg 50 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/50_Island Houses.jpg 77 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/51_Island waterfall.jpg 42 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands/52_Vegan lunch.jpg We ate like kings and Queens because we brought lots of curries, rice and fresh veggies onto the ship. 67 KB