/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/01_Oslo Sentralstasjon.jpg Central Station of Oslo, Norway. 67 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/02_Oslo Neon.jpg So 80's! 70 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/03_Oslo church.jpg 58 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/04_Oslo Art.jpg 54 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/05_Oslo Nina Subway.jpg 58 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/08_Oslo Architecture.jpg 89 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/10_Gaze.jpg 37 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/14_Neo Viking.jpg 59 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/15_Oslo Crowd.jpg 48 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/17_.jpg 59 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/18_Oslo Tram.jpg 82 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/21_Train Velkommen ombord.jpg 34 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/25_Geilo.jpg This one is for the German speakers... 71 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/26_Geilo Camping.jpg 72 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/28_Geilo Grass Roof House.jpg 59 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/31_Landscape from train.jpg 44 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/34_Landscape from train.jpg 39 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/37_Glacier from train.jpg 55 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/38_Glacier from train.jpg 54 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/40_Glacier from train.jpg 46 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/41_Getting off train in mountains.jpg We were on the train heading west across Norway to the coast. But the landscape was so stunning, we just grabbed our backpacks and jumped off the train! Spent the day wandering through these mountains. 51 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/43_Hike in Mountains.jpg 60 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/45_Hike in Mountains.jpg 87 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/46_Hike in Mountains.jpg 64 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/50_Train in mountains.jpg 62 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/51_Waterfall.jpg 75 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/52_Hike in Mountains.jpg 84 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/53_Catapillar.jpg We saved this little guy from a crowd of middle-aged mountain bikers that would surly have crushed him while he crawled across the dirt path. 53 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/55_Amanita Muscaria.jpg 88 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/57_Bergen Architecture.jpg We finally reached the "Rain Capital of Europe" and had our first sunny day of the trip! 69 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/61_Bergen Photo.jpg 54 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/63_Bergen Wedding.jpg 61 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/65_Bergen Houses.jpg 60 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/68_Bergen Ship Nina.jpg The ship we wish we were taking to Iceland. Instead we took a big, ugly ferry. 64 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/71_Battle.jpg Viking stuff is big here... this was a battle re-enactment of some kind. 77 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/73_Battle.jpg 81 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/74_Battle.jpg 71 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/77_Bergen Hill.jpg 52 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/82_Pancakes.jpg Yum! thick, fluffy pancakes are not to be had in Europe generally, but I struck gold in Bergen. 60 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-13_Norway/83_Bergen Street.jpg Our last afternoon in Norway, we loaded up on food for the 2.5 day ferry on to Iceland. 69 KB