/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/01_Ferry from Copenhagen into Sweden.jpg To get out of Copenhagen, we took a cheap train / ferry up to Angelholm, Sweden. 73 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/02_Angelholm Sign.jpg A weird sign we saw upon arrival. Could not tell what was waiting for us that way. 39 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/03_Angelholm Camp.jpg We camped in a nice park by a creek. Old people were jogging by as we woke up. 80 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/06_Angelholm Student hitchhike.jpg A nice student picked us up... this was hanging from her rear view mirror. 35 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/08_Goeteborg.jpg After several more rides, an old man gave us each $120 to "help with our journey" and a nice young couple got us to the city of Göteborg. 69 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/10_Goeteborg tram.jpg 60 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/11_Goeteborg swimming pool.jpg Free public pool with Sauna and steam bath! 61 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/13_Goeteborg tram Stannar.jpg Sign in the tram. 47 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/14_Goeteborg.jpg 83 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/15_Goeteborg.jpg 67 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/16_Goeteborg Bunny.jpg 95 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/17_Goeteborg.jpg 50 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/19_Goeteborg chinese ship.jpg 68 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/20_JC Hitchhike.jpg 33 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/22_Amanita.jpg 98 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/25_JC Nina.jpg 80 KB  
/pics/2008/2008-09-10_Sweden/26_Koksluchor.jpg 60 KB