Music - Turkish dance music! /pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/Music Turkish dance music!   
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/00_Edirne.JPG First Turkish town across the border from Greece. 67 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/01_Hotel Manti.JPG Eating lunch with a group of lonely men at the hotel. 77 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/02_Kiler Maximum.JPG Nice name for a grocery store, eh? 45 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/03_Tree.JPG Cycling on, I made it another 50km through the burning heat. Camped for the night under this tree. 36 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/04_Old Men Drinking Tea.JPG 101 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/05_Babaeski Lunch.JPG In Babaeski I met this garlic merchant. Super nice guy, invited me to a beautiful, fresh lunch and later tea. 71 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/06_More Chai.JPG Everywhere I went, kind, older men invited me to tea. 83 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/07_Heat Waves.JPG It was amazingly hot... was concerned my cheap Chinese tires would melt. 44 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/07_Muratli Bicycle Help.JPG in Muratli, I got yet another flat tire just before sundown. This group of guys rushed from a cafe to repair my tire, tune up the bike, feed me delicious home-made vegetarian dolmas and of course ask me what the hell I was doing there. 51 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/09_Kids Near Corlu.JPG A tiny village just before Çorlu. 42 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/10_Kids Near Corlu.JPG Just over half way to İstanbul. 35 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/11_Sunset.JPG Eash evening I would pull over, unhook my gear and cook my dinner based on the food I had gathered that day. Often bread, tomatoes, olives, fresh cheese (Peynir in Türkçe) and any leftover food. 18 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/12_Melon Man.JPG This guy was on the side of the dusty, burning hot road selling melons. He offered me a slice of honeydew melon which I gladly accepted. Then he proceeded to cut another and another slice until I had eaten a whole melon! Refreshing at first, but it was not easy cycling on in the heat with that much fruit in my belly. 55 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/14_Outside Istanbul.JPG Slightly horrific outskirts of Istanbul. With no place to camp for the last 70km, and only hot, crowded, debris-covered freeways, riding my bike alongside insane truckers, -- it was very dangerous. I survived, but I will never again attempt such a ride. 37 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/15_Istanbul City.JPG More modern than I expected. 48 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/16_Istanbul Sunset.JPG I was glad to be alive and overwhelmed by the beauty of the city. 18 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/17_Istanbul Beyoglu.JPG 54 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/18_Suleymaniye Camii.JPG (Süleymaniye Camii) One of the greatest mosques in Istanbul. 54 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/19_Istanbul Shooting.JPG 36 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/20_Dolma Kisir Patlican Salatasi.JPG Turkish food (Türk yemek): Stuffed pepper (Biber Dolması), wheat bulgur salad (Kısır), roasted eggplant salad (Patlıcan Salatası) and yogurt sauce (Yoğurtlu Sos). 67 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/21_Misir Carsisi Spices.JPG Mısır Çarşısı Spice market in Istanbul. 108 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/22_AyaSofya.jpg Ayasofya Müzesi (Αγιά Σοφιά / Hagia Sophia). 89 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/23_AyaSofya.jpg Ayasofya Müzesi (Αγιά Σοφιά / Hagia Sophia). 65 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/24_Suleymaniye Camil Sunset.JPG 25 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/25_Galata.jpg A view of Galata. Located in the district of Beyoğlu - the old Byzantine capital. 34 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/100_Istanbul.jpg 20 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/101_Mehmet.jpg A wonderful man I met at a local vegetable shop. Mehmet Boyraz opened my eyes to so many great things as we walked the city and talked. 59 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/105_Bosphorus.jpg 81 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/106_Bosphorus.jpg 42 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/124_Konya Students.jpg Mehmet's brother suggested I go to Konya and stay with his friends from University. I accepted enthusiastically and in 1 hour was on a bus to an unknown place to meet unknown people. The students were extremly gracious and generous. Here we eat a typical breakfast of pommes frites, tomato, olives (Zeitan), feta, bread and lots of tea (cay)! 65 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/125_Konya Museum woodwork.jpg Museum in Konya -- beautiful patterns. 96 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/133_Istanbul Market.jpg 77 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/135_American Style NATO.jpg 58 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/141_Istanbul Girl.jpg An afternoon walking through the village-like streets outside the city center. 70 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/144_Istanbul Girls.jpg Cute kids! 65 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/155_Istanbul.jpg 51 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/163_Istanbul Weld.jpg Hardcore welder. 49 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/165_Istanbul park.jpg Horses free in the city park. 76 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/166_Istanbul Sheep.jpg Herding sheep in the city center. 38 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/169_Istanbul Boat cafe.jpg 61 KB  
/pics/2007/2007-08-28_Turkey/178_Matt and roommate-restaurant-guy.jpg My roommate Matt in the last week I was in Istanbul. Also another guy who worked at a local restaurant and one night moved into our hostel room as well :) 42 KB