/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/00_Sri_Lanka.gif Map of Sri Lanka 22 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/01_Colombo.jpg Flew into Colombo, Sri Lanka on 25/5/2006 from Trivandrum, Kerala. Colombo isn't the most pleasant place, but its not as bad as everyone seems to think. 28 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/02_Colombo_Clown.jpg Went to "Majestic City" to do some big-city shopping. Found this really scary 12 foot high clown terrorizing people. 45 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/04_Hikka_Nina.jpg Took the (always overcrowded) train down to Hikkaduwa. Nina and Tim had already been staying there in a house rental with a group of volunteers. The place was just off the beach on the "jungle side". 27 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/05_Flower.jpg Saw this while wandering around the our neighborhood. 46 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/06_Flower.jpg Flower. 39 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/08_Beach.jpg Didn't spend a whole lot of time on the beach, but was always happy when I did. 30 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/09_Waves.jpg A bit too rough to actually swim in near our house. Had to walk farther north to where the reef was. 35 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/10_Speed_Cop.jpg He was literally hiding in the bushes trying to catch people! 60 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/11_TrainTracks.jpg The tracks that we crossed every day on the way to the beach. No guard rails! Walk / drive across at your own risk. 56 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/12_Galagoda_Painting.jpg A mother and daughter living in a govt house provided to them after the Tsunami. Gen (far left) agreed to help to help get their walls painted and we all came along to help. From left its Gen, Charlie, Emily (our roommate), Hugo, Nina, Cressy and the "J" man. (Galagoda Wattha) 46 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/13_Tsunami_Sign.jpg A sign in Telwatta, just north of Hikkaduwa. Everyone in this area had a story to tell of how they survived... some were washed a mile inland, some clung onto a coconut palm, others were inland coincidentally. When taking the train to Colombo, you still see boats broken in half, demolished homes and cemeteries all along the south-west coast. 41 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/14_Kite.jpg Kids on the beach flying a kite. 30 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/15_Cressy_Nina.jpg Nina, Cressy, our roommate Sampath and myself took a short trip to the beautiful beach of Unawatuna just south of Galle. 47 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/16_Dog_Unawatuna.jpg Dog on the beach. 30 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/17_Dagoba.jpg The Dagoba (Pali synonym of stupa) across the bay in Unawatuna. Took a really nice walk out there at sunrise. 29 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/18_Unawatuna_Sunset.jpg Swimming at sunset. 26 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/19_Sampath_Jonathan.jpg Sampath and JC doing a land / water biathlon. Not sure, but I think he let me win. 32 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/20_JC_Fake.jpg Funny bit of post-modern photography -- looks like I am in front of a fake-sunset studio backdrop eh? 22 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/21_Sunrise.jpg Sinrise walk. 36 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/22_Doggy.jpg Ooooh isn't he so fluffy and cute? 38 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/23_Rocks.jpg Walked up to the Dagoba and had amazing views of these rocks off the coast, the surrounding jungle and coastal cliffs. 26 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/24_Nina_Dog.jpg Nina with a random temple dog. Seems there is always ultra-confident dogs at Buddhist shrines! 45 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/25_Shore.jpg The other direction from the ocean. 44 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/26_Asleep.jpg It was early, I was tired. 40 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/27_Leg.jpg Go for it doggy! Eat that leg! 49 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/28_Wesak_Lantern.jpg Gen and Sampath making lanterns for the Wesak festival in Hikkaduwa. 54 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/29_Wesak_Lanterns.jpg Wesak celebrates the Buddha's birthday and here in Sri Lanka people make these beautiful paper lamps. Candles illuminate small paths into the jungle, most people seem to turn out their lights and instead use candles. Feels like a holy-Halloween kinda. 36 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/30_Wesak_parade.jpg There was a huge parade down the coast, I think they were going all day long! 65 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/31_Wesak_parade.jpg 56 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/32_Wesak_parade.jpg Woman in the parade. 36 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/33_Wesak_trance.jpg This drummer looked at me like he was in a trance.. it was really eerie to make eye contact through all the chaos with this guy. 49 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/34_Wesak_dance.jpg Seemed to be many men dressed in feminine costumes. Don't know the significance of that. 55 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/35_Wesak_parade.jpg Big Birds... 53 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/36_Wesak_dance.jpg The night before, we had gone to a birthday party / Wesak party and seen several of the same people dancing (and drunk) at the families house. 41 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/37_Sunset_Boat.jpg The coast just next to Hikkaduwa town. 27 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/38_Spider_Sink.jpg A huge, fast spider on the side of our sink. 30 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/39_Kandy_Burmese_Rest.jpg My favorite guest house in Asia -- Burmese Rest. Just a simple place run by a Burmese monk. Has a courtyard with several great tortoises and a crusty stone kitchen to cook in. Just a really nice place to quietly sit and drink tea while the monsoon rain falls. 38 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/40_Candy_Corner.jpg Favorite restaurant in the city of Kandy (they don't sell Candy, its just a pun). Ate the obligatory rice and curry here every morning. Usually 4-7 different dishes with a mountain of rice and a sweet, thick tea made with powdered milk. 35 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/41_Adams_Peak.jpg From Kandy we went to Adams Peak. On Nina's birthday, we woke up at 2:00AM and began the pilgrims hike up to Adam's Peak. Apparently Buddha�s footprint is embedded in a piece of stone at the top, but all we saw was a hideous tiled structure with all the beauty of a public restroom. 34 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/42_Adams_Cloud.jpg Its monsoon time... so we couldn't see the "spectacular view" everyone was talking about because we were in the middle of a cloud! 32 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/43_No_Wasting_Time.jpg Sign from a bus station office -- I think it was actually serious. 47 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/44_Train_Engine.jpg On the train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, 2nd / 3rd class were too crowded to even get in. The nice conductor let us ride in the storage area behind first class (with 3rd class tickets) and even arranged a visit to the engine room! This is one of the two drivers, he was a bit loony, but nice. 47 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/45_Ella.jpg In Ella we took some wonderful day hikes. Along train tracks, over streams, across waterfalls, and up the green hills / tea plantations. 41 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/46_Lizard.jpg 36 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/47_Ella.jpg I think this was Ella rock as seen from "Little" Adam's peak. 42 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/48_Ella.jpg Ella rock from town. 29 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/49_Pee-Nol.jpg The name says it all. 42 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/50_Badulla.jpg From Ella, we took a bus north-east to Badulla. Monsoon followed. 35 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/51_Dunhinda_Waterfall.jpg The famous Dunhinda waterfalls just outside of Badulla. We finally found a spot away from starring teenagers and took a quick dip. Vendors sold fresh lemonade and roasted corn along the 2 KM path to the falls. 68 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/52_Kandy_Peradeniya_Bat.jpg Completed our loop with a bus back to Kandy. Finally made it to the Royal Botanical gardens of Peradeniya. Really great old trees and huge fruit bats! 32 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/53_Kandy_Peradeniya_Fat_Tree.jpg Big Belly tree. 60 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/54_Kandy_Peradeniya.jpg This was the most crazy, twisted tree I have ever seen! Went down into the ground in about 5 places, couldn't even see where this one ended and the next tree started. 72 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/55_Kandy_Peradeniya_Nina.jpg Nina in the tree. 65 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/56_Dambulla_Monkey.jpg North of Kandy, we went to see the Dambulla Rock Temple. Pilgrims brought Lotus blossoms... monkeys ate the lotus blossoms. 67 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/57_Dambulla.jpg View from the top. 31 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/58_Dambulla.jpg Painted stone sculptures from inside the cave temples. 36 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/59_Dambulla.jpg 35 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/60_Dambulla.jpg Painted stone Buddha's feet. 38 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/61_Dambulla.jpg 45 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/62_Dambulla.jpg Girls on a school trip to the caves. 28 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/63_Dambulla.jpg Rain coming across the valley. 28 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/64_Dambulla_Cobra.jpg Snake charmer doing his thing outside the temple. The Cobra was really beautiful, but it didn't seem to like the "charmer" very much. 50 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/65_Sigiriya.jpg The rock fortress of Sigiriya was really impressive. The entrance fees were equally impressive so we decided to climb the deserted rock next to it instead. 36 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/66_Squirrel.jpg A little squirrel that had its parents killed and now lived in the shirt pocket of a tea shop owner. Nina almost took it home, but decided it probably wouldn't survive. 32 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/67_Pidurangala.jpg The "other rock" next to Sigiriya -- Pidurangala was absolutely beautiful! We hiked up there and spent the afternoon alone on the peak. 27 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/68_Pidurangala_fly.jpg The biggest fly I have ever seen! Nina thought I was stupid for trying to get a pic -- but look at that thing! 37 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/69_Pidurangala_Nina.jpg Just liked the exposure on this one. Reminds me of how things look in my dreams. 43 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/70_Sigiriya.jpg Photo of the famous rock fortress from the top of Pidurangala. 34 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/71_Pidurangala_Nina.jpg 28 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/73_Sigiriya.jpg Another pic of "The Rock" with a boulder in the foreground. 41 KB  
/pics/2006/2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka/74_Pidurangala.jpg The storm clods rushed across the plains, covered us in a torrent of rain and wind for a few minutes then continued past leaving just sunlight and clean air. 40 KB