/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/01_Airport Tuk Tuk.jpg I was a bit scared arriving in Delhi alone at 2:00am. Had heard of the scams, etc, but got in the auto-rickshaw and just went for it. 44 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/02_Woman with Poori.jpg Was staying in Majnu Ka Tila - a Tibetan Colony. In the morning would get Aloo curry and poori bread from this woman. 65 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/06_Yamuna Family.jpg Yamuna river running through Delhi. One of the most polluted in the world. 48 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/07_Majnu Ka Tila.jpg The calmer-than-delhi haven I used to get my bearings and set a course for my trip. 58 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/10_Old Delhi.jpg 57 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/11_Old Delhi boy.jpg 63 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/12_Old Delhi_ Jami Mosque.jpg 30 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/13_Old Delhi_ Jami Mosque Kids.jpg 46 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/14_Old Delhi Crowds.jpg 107 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/15_Old Delhi Crowds.jpg 68 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/17_Old Delhi Man.jpg 49 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/18_Old Delhi Crowds.jpg 92 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/29_Red Fort.jpg 45 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/30_Red Fort.jpg 53 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/34_Cannabis Inside New Delhi Train Station.jpg Found this growing in the Tourist Train ticket office in one of the world's largest train stations. 57 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/35_Salam Namaste Bollywood Movie.jpg Went to see this movie. 44 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/36_Chasing the monkey.jpg Nepali hotel worker chasing The Monkey. 33 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/37_The Monkey.jpg This is The Monkey (he escaped easily). 46 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/39_Yamuna Sunset.jpg 17 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/40_Boys Truck-1.jpg 63 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/41_New Delhi Train Station schedule.jpg They ran out of light board, so continued below in chalk. 63 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-10-01_India_Delhi/42_Train Station.jpg 58 KB