/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/01_Mountains.jpg On my way down to Vientiene, I stopped in Vang Vieng. It is famous (INfamous?) as a backpacker ghetto, the "Khaosan Road" of Laos where the crusty people come to party. But it is also a nice little town surrounded by dramatic mountains! 23 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/05_Mountains.jpg I rented a bike and took a cruise out of town. 22 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/07_Mountains.jpg Ah yes, probably too many mountain pics, but just skip over them if you have had enough. 17 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/09_Kids_Corn.jpg More of those cute little critters. Found these kids playing with corn as though it was a toy. 35 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/10_Mountains.jpg See that pointy one in the middle? That is the one I decided to climb in my Tevas. 23 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/18_Bike.jpg I rode the mountain bike into the bushes for a while, then parked it and locked it to a piece of bamboo. 30 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/14_Mountains.jpg 12 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/16_HMong.jpg Took a hike up this small, but steep mountain and ran into some H'Mong villagers that were crouched down in the green foliage just talking and enjoying the view I guess. This old guy spoke French (sort of) so we shared a few words (because that is all I know!). He showed me how to reach the peak. 48 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/19_Girls.jpg They were wandering around collecting things to eat. They stopped to check out the Farang that was resting in the bamboo shelter. 41 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/21_Girls.jpg The girls kept looking back and laughing as they walked away. They thought I was just the funniest thing ever! 40 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/23_Boys.jpg There was a simple drink stand on the way back. Stopped for a Pepsi (that was all they had). The kids got excited over my plastic water bottle "toy". Had to turn it into 3 toys to keep the jealousy in check. 32 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/24_Car_Wash.jpg They just drive it in the river! 43 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/25_Sunset.jpg 11 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/26_Laap_Muu.jpg Love that Laap! This one was particularly good. This was the last Beer Lao I drank... Actually the last beer I drank period (3 weeks ago) as I was preparing for the Vipassana meditation course in Thailand. 36 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-12_Vang_Vieng/27_Water_Mellon.jpg The watermelon farmer drove into town and started a furry of excitement. Everyone came out to say hello, tap on melons and see each other. The restaurant owners slices up a few and gave me much more than I could eat. 36 KB