/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/00_Bus_Roof.jpg On the bus ride through the jungle between Vieng Puka and Huay Xai, I saw one of the lao guys climb out of the window of the dusty bus and onto the roof. So I followed (watching carefully to see no tree limbs would knock me off of the bus). Had a great time just chillin on the luggage. 38 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/01_Bus_Roof.jpg It was a long bus ride so we were mostly sleeping. 36 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/10_Bus_Roof.jpg 35 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/16_Bus_Roof.jpg 29 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/18_Bus_Roof.jpg It was fun to crawl over the top of the luggage pile so you could see ahead of the bus. 19 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/19_Don_Papaya.jpg This is a girl I met in Huay Xai. She and her sister ran a papaya salad (Som Tam) stand and beauty salon. Had a funny experience here where I got to see some Thai people (fresh over the border into Laos) learn the difference between Som Tam THAI and Som Tam LAO -- GREY ROTTEN FISH! I too had to learn the hard way, but its nice to know that I was not the only one who was not fond of the secret ingredient. 26 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/20_Graffiti.jpg Tuey - Hip Hop Single in the mean streets of Huay Xai Biotch! 52 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/21_Spaghetti_Plant.jpg Saw these everywhere but finally got a picture. I thought people were drying yarn or something, but nope, its natural. 79 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-03-07_Huay_Xai/22_MangoKhao_Niaw.jpg Fresh ripe mango with sticky-rice cooked in coconut cream and a thick cup of Café Lao -- my kind of breakfast! 33 KB