/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/00_Gun.jpg During the bus ride from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, I casually looked down at my feet to find this. Apparently a soldier was asleep in the seat in front of mine. I guess there had been some problems with H'Mong rebels on this route in the past. 28 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/01_Mountains.jpg I saw spectacular mountains everywhere in Laos. This was the beginning. 16 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/02_Mekong_Sunset.jpg Got to Luang Prabang just in time to catch the sunset as I was looking for a guest house. 18 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/03_Phousi_Massage.jpg Yes, it is pronounced the way you think... 39 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/05_Wat.jpg 47 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/07_JC_Wat.jpg Buddhist inspired hairdo. 23 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/09_JC_Mountains.jpg A view from the opposite side of town. 17 KB  
/pics/2005/2005-03-12_Laos/2005-02-24_Luang_Prabang/11_Phousi_Hill.jpg 56 KB